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Who gave this toad (possibly lizard) its own Metal Gear?

Who gave this toad (possibly lizard) its own Metal Gear?


You've doomed us all

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It's always the ones you least expect.

While everyone has been busy worrying about drones and / or rogue AI taking over the planet, a secret alliance between the toads (possibly lizards) and foot-high mech walkers seems like it'll be the real threat to humanity. Just look at this video of a magnificent toad (possibly lizard) astride his terrifying shin-high Death Strider. See, the steely gaze of cold-blooded amphibian (possibly reptile) ambivalence, the grim jaw set firm against humanity. Imagine this unholy alliance of toad (possibly lizard) and machine, mowing down shins, knees, small animals, and objects placed on the floor with its fearsome plastic weaponry. The mind boggles.

Someone needs to call the the Future of Humanity Institute and / or a decent herpetologist, because we've just found the toad (possibly lizard) that could end us all.