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The Back to the Future soundtrack is coming in a beautiful vinyl box set

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Back to the Future Day is little more than a week away, so what better way to celebrate living in these modern times than by listening to the original soundtracks on futuristic vinyl? Mondo, the outfit that long ago mastered the art of the movie poster, plans on releasing an exclusive, six-LP box set featuring remastered music from the trilogy, along with individual albums for each film. Just be glad we still have record players in 2015.

Making up for the idea of Jaws 19

Even if the futures depicted in Back to the Future 2 are obvious dystopias (no one wants Jaws 19), the artwork Mondo features on this set makes it all worth it. The packaging for the box set was designed by DKNG Studios, and shows off the iconic fire trails from each film. As for the individual albums, artist Matt Taylor designed each to capture memorable scenes from each movie.

Mondo will make the $105 box set and the $35 individual albums available on October 21st, right on Future Day. If you're a fan, these were made for you.