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The ultra-exclusive Ferrari F12tdf supercar will take your lunch money

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The special edition Ferrari F12tdf
The special edition Ferrari F12tdf

Ferrari has unveiled the Ferrari F12tdf, a mind-blowing special edition performance machine that pays tribute to the company's historic success in Tour de France. Beyond its notoriety as an iconic bicycle race and a classic song by Kraftwerk, Tour de France was an endurance motorsport race that Ferrari dominated in the 1955 250 GT Berlinetta and continued to do so through 1964.

In the spirit of dominant track behavior, the F12tdf infuses an extra dose of zing in the standard F12berlinetta model, rushing from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a mere 2.9 seconds. From there, it blazes up to 124 miles per hour in 7.9 seconds to reach a max speed of 211.

Ferrari reports that it's whipped the F12tdf around its private Fiorano, Italy test track in just 1 minute, 21 seconds — two seconds faster than the already lightning-quick F12berlinetta. To achieve these prodigious goals, horsepower has gone from 730 to 769, while torque climbs from 509 to 520 pound-feet. It's not just about the engine, though: the tdf has a quicker seven-speed dual clutch transmission, too, improving upshift times by 30 percent and downshifts by 40 percent. Ferrari managed to trim weight, meanwhile, with more carbon fiber in the door panels and aluminum on the floor.

From looks to engineering, this car appears to be the complete package — a more capable F12Berlinetta in its aerodynamic form (already a beautiful car) with a trick carbon fiber "Aerobridge" that redirects air to increase downforce. This car is special — only 799 models will be made in Modena, and you can bet most if not all are already accounted for.