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One night only: Donald Trump on NBC again

One night only: Donald Trump on NBC again

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Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Prolific tweeter, billionaire, and reality show star Donny John Trump will host Saturday Night Live on November 7th. It's not that unusual — Trump isn't the first presidential candidate to host, and he's hosted the show once before, in 2004 — but it is a thing that's happening. Trump was recently dumped by NBC for saying dumb things, so it's interesting he'll be returning just a few months later, presumably to say network-sanctioned dumb things.

So maybe you'd want to know about this thing that's happening on November 7th, a Saturday night in November. Donny Trump. SNL. Trump, Donny. The following Saturday, another person will host, and then another person, and then another. Maybe, a decade from now, Donny Trump will host the show again, and he will say a new monologue out loud, one that's relevant to 2025. Eventually, we will die. But until then, mark your calendars: November 7th.