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Apple is now answering your Apple Music questions on Twitter

The first wave of free, three-month Apple Music trials are now over, and that's led Apple to make a new push in bringing in fresh subscribers and retaining the customers it's already picked up. The company recently posted a batch of Apple Music tutorials to its YouTube account, covering the service's core features. And now, in a first for Apple, there's a customer service account — dedicated solely to Apple Music — on Twitter. The @AppleMusicHelp account is monitored by Apple employees from 6AM to 8PM PT (9AM to 11PM ET) seven days a week. For questions and issues regarding other products, Apple is still directing consumers to its regular customer service page.

But it seems the company is being very hands-on with figuring out any troubles that users are experiencing with Apple Music. In its first few replies, Apple is already asking Twitter users to DM the account directly with details on which devices they're listening with and more specifics about problems they're running into. And with Apple Music, there've been plenty of reported bugs and annoyances; missing songs, mixed up playlists, incorrect album art / song matching, and so on. Of course, plenty of people are also using the service without any major headaches to speak of. Keep in mind that Apple Music is headed to Android at some point, so pretty soon this support staff will be dealing with way more than familiar iOS devices.