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Apple still doesn't have a streaming deal with the top TV network

Apple still doesn't have a streaming deal with the top TV network

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The new Apple TV is coming out later this month, but notably missing will be an Apple-made streaming service to go along with it. That's believed to be because Apple is still struggling to make deals with TV networks for their content. It's not clear which, if any, Apple already has on board, but CBS CEO Les Moonves has made it clear that his network — the US's most watched — isn't there yet. "Apple is having conversations with everybody about doing their own streaming services," Moonves told Bloomberg today. "We've had those conversations, as have the other networks. Do I think something will happen? Probably, but I don't know when."

CBS is also speaking with Facebook

Moonves has been pretty open about CBS's dealings with Apple, saying back in May that the two parties were in an "ongoing conversation." While Apple typically keeps its partners as quiet as possible about future plans, there's only so much it can do about the CEO of a partner it badly needs to get on board. Beyond that, Moonves' comments may even come as a relief to investors; Apple doesn't have a deal today, but it sounds like CBS will get there. For now, Apple's plan seems to be getting as many Apple TVs out there as it can — that way, when the service is finally ready, plenty of people will be able to sign up.

In addition to Apple, Moonves also said that CBS is speaking with Netflix and Facebook about streaming TV shows or live content, according to Bloomberg. Chances are that Facebook is the one interested in live streaming here — it's moving quickly to make its site into a home for video, and working with traditional networks is a pretty obvious route to priming the service with content. Over the past year, CBS has shown that it's pretty happy to jump right into digital services, so it wouldn't be a huge surprise for it to be interested in getting on board with whatever these companies are planning.