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Fallout 4 is now the best reason to own a PlayStation Vita

Fallout 4 is now the best reason to own a PlayStation Vita

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As weird as it may sound, the PlayStation Vita has long been PS4's greatest accessory. With it, you can remotely play any PS4 title with surprising clarity, freeing up the TV or freeing yourself to game from another room entirely (provided you have a decent wireless setup). Granted, some games work better in this setup than others, with Destiny being a standout exception thanks to developer Bungie actually redesigning the controls around the Vita for Remote Play.

That same care has gone into the upcoming Fallout 4, and according to Bethesda, it's because of developer Josh Hamrick, who previously worked on Destiny's Remote Play controls.

Now, that isn't to say you should spend hundreds on a new PlayStation Vita (ditto a new Sony smartphone). We also haven't played Fallout 4 yet, so by definition we can't exactly recommend it. (That, of course, hasn't stopped more than a few people from preordering the game.) And yes, if you have a Windows 10 device, you can stream the Xbox One version (at that point, though, you should probably just get the PC version).

But for those who have long abandoned Sony's portable to an army of dust bunnies in some shelving unit, you now have one very good reason to go looking for the charging cable and update the firmware. We really wish more developers would take the time to remember Sony's little portable, seeing as it might be the company's last for awhile.

Here's a look at playing Destiny with Remote Play, for reference: