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University wants $400 million from Apple for infringing its patent

University wants $400 million from Apple for infringing its patent

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Ken Ishii/Getty Images

Apple appears to be facing a fight over up to $400 million now that a jury has ruled it infringed on a patent owned by the University of Wisconsin–Madison. According to Bloomberg, Apple has been arguing that this figure is too high, but it's still a lot lower than the maximum damages set for the trial, of $862.4 million. The university's licensing group, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), is reportedly arguing that Apple should pay $2.74 for every iPhone and iPad that uses its patented technology for processor performance; Apple apparently wants it to be closer to 7 cents per device.

The suit was filed in early 2014, claiming that Apple's A7 processor — which was used in the iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad mini 2 — infringed on a WARF patent from 1998. It appears that the suit has expanded to include newer Apple processors as well, including the A8 and A8X, according to Reuters. After a ruling on Apple's infringement came down Tuesday, the damages portion of the trial is now getting started. Bloomberg reports that closing arguments are expected on Friday, which means the case's damages should follow soon.