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Apple adds split-screen multitasking to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iOS

Split View comes to desktop apps, too

Apple is releasing updates today for PagesNumbers, and Keynote on iOS and OS X, adding to both the ability to do split-screen multitasking, one of the major feature additions to its new operating systems. It's an expected update that should make these apps a bit more useful, especially considering that they're the key components of Apple's productivity suite. On the iPhone, all three apps are also adding support for 3D Touch.

The updates are arriving nearly a month after the release of iOS 9. It's by no means a long wait, but you can make something of the fact that Microsoft, which demoed Office on stage at Apple's event last month, has had support for iPad split-screen in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint since day one. You can now start getting your split-screen productivity fix from Apple, too, but there are still some good reasons to consider the alternatives if you haven't already.