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This clear Galaxy Note 5 is awesome

This clear Galaxy Note 5 is awesome


All it took was a razor blade, a heat gun, and a suction cup

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Typically, if you want to personalize your smartphone, you've got two choices: download a cool wallpaper and / or buy some kind of case. Reddit user Skarface08, however, decided instead to take a razor blade and peel the plastic film off the back of his Galaxy Note 5.

Using a heat gun, suction cup, and the aforementioned razor, Skarface08 has turned the original Note 5 backing into a clear cover that shows off the smartphone's internals (the Samsung and Galaxy Note 5 logo, amusingly, remains unharmed).


This probably voids the warranty, but then again, it's probably worth it. And now a glimpse of the process, taken from a video Skarface08 posted in the comment thread:


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