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A first look at the Google Play store redesign

Source Kirill Grouchnikov (Google+) | Via Venture Beat

There's a redesign coming soon for the Google Play store, if images posted by one Google software engineer are to be believed. Kirill Grouchnikov, who has worked on the app for almost six years and is moving on to another team in the company, uploaded the pictures above and below to his Google+ account. It doesn't look like a total overhaul of the Play store's design, but it's certainly fresher, with smooth animations and a new layout.

The store looks like it will be divided into two main sections: Apps & Games and Entertainment. (This would replace the six categories of the current Play store: Apps, Games, Movies & TV, Music, Books, and Newsstand.) There's also, apparently, support for languages that read from right-to-left coming, with Grouchnikov uploading images of the Play store in Hebrew.

google_play_redesign_slide_.0.gif New animations sliding from section to section. (Kirill Grouchnikov)

google_play_redesign_scroll.0.gifElastic scrolling in the redesign. (Kirill Grouchnikov)

We're not sure when Android users can expect to get their hands on the new design, but they probably won't have to wait long judging by Grouchnikov's use of the #soon hashtag. (But then again, he also uses the #uhhnggngyeh hashtag repeatedly, and who knows what that means when it comes to update schedules.) You can check out the images below, with the first showing the evolution of the Play store (previously the Android Market) over the years, and the second revealing what Grouchnikov describes as a one-time intro screen.

Google Play redesign