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You can finally drive a lowrider in Grand Theft Auto Online

Ever since it launched, GTA Online — the multiplayer portion of Grand Theft Auto V — has been constantly updated with new content, letting you get behind the wheel of all kinds of vehicles. You can even fly a solid gold plane if you want. But there's been one conspicuous absence: it's a game set in a fictional version of California, yet there aren't any lowriders. That's finally going to change with a new update next week. Starting October 20th, you'll finally be able to add a colorful, bouncing lowrider to your stable of cars in GTA Online. And according to Rockstar, there's also a story element to the new feature, as main character Lamar has "grand plans to take on the gangs of Los Santos and conquer the city's thriving lowrider scene." You can check it out next week.

GTA Online