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Jay Z forgot about Tidal (a little bit)

Jay Z forgot about Tidal (a little bit)

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Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Sometimes, when you're as busy as Jay Z is, you tend to forget about certain things when more pressing issues arrive. And that's exactly what happened earlier this week, when Jay Z forgot about Tidal (a little bit).

This past Wednesday, Jay testified in a long-running trial regarding an uncleared sample in his 1999 hit "Big Pimpin'." At one point, his opponent's attorney asked why he didn't check to make sure he had legally obtained the rights to the song, and Jay Z responded, "That's not what I do. I make music," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

When Jay's attorney Andrew Bart asked him to elaborate, Jay reportedly began to list his many responsibilities, neglecting to mention one recent endeavor:

Jay: "I make music. I'm a rapper, I’ve got a clothing line, I run a label, a media label called Roc Nation, with a sports agency, music publishing and management. Restaurants and nightclubs... I think that about covers it."

Bart: "I’m not so sure. You have a music streaming service [Tidal], don’t you?"

Jay: "Yeah, yeah. Forgot about that."

While he probably didn't really forget about Tidal, it seems to have, at the very least, slipped his mind. To be fair, if I were testifying in court, I'd probably forget everything I'd ever done, and Jay Z recovered gracefully. And here's the other thing about being as busy as Jay Z: he probably has enough people thinking about Tidal for him that he can take a break once in a while.