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You could own a street-legal version of the Little Tikes car

You could own a street-legal version of the Little Tikes car

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The dream car of your childhood can now be the dream car of your adulthood. A giant street-legal version of Little Tikes' red-and-yellow car is currently for sale on eBay. It's a one of a kind, and there are some real perks to it. There are huge windows (although there's no glass), an engine so that you don't have to walk it around, and it should be easy to spot in a parking lot.

"In the right hands could be quite phenomenal."

The car was built in 2013 by the custom vehicle shop Attitude Autos. You may have heard about it back then: after being featured on the BBC, video of the car went viral online. Since then, it's been popping up at charity events around the UK — the shop behind it seems to hope that whoever buys it next will put it to the same use. "We have managed to raise a substantial amount of money for children's charities with the Crazy Coupe, so its potential in the right hands could be quite phenomenal," it writes.

Attitude Autos says that it took 16 weeks to create the car, transforming it out of a Daewoo Matiz. The car tops out at 70mph, seats two, drives manual, and now has around 5,000 miles of road use on it. The eBay page has it listed at £21,500 (about $33,200 USD), down from what Attitude Autos says was the car's initial appraisal of $46,000 USD.