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Ben Affleck's costume and Batmobile are coming next month to Batman: Arkham Knight

The critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Knight has been really good about including the history of Batsuits, from comics through Keaton, in its add-on content. And starting next month, you'll be able to play as the new Ben Affleck-era Batman.

The "2016 Batman v. Superman" pack, coming sometime in November, will include both the Batfleck skin and the new Batmobile. Developer Rocksteady has outlined the full 2015 schedule for Arkham Knight downloaded content, which will be available first for anyone who picked up the season pass (and everyone else later). Meanwhile, the Christian Bale era "2008 Batman" suit will join the already-released 2008 Batmobile this December.

Notably absent from the plan? George Clooney and Val Kilmer-era Batware. Alas.