Which of these should I wait for when buying a laptop?


1. Type C USB

2. Skylake

3. Kaby Lake?

Currently using a Samsung Series 5 Ultra 13 Ivy Bridge from mid 2012, running Windows 10, still fairly decent, but has truly horrible battery life (less than 2 hours per charge). I'm curious whether Type C USB is worth waiting on, as right now just about the only laptop that has it is the MacBook 12.

Meanwhile, is Skylake as significant an update as the intial rumors pointed us to believe? Or should I just gun for it even with Broadwell? Also, is a Core M fast enough for browsing? My current laptop runs an i5-3317U with 8GB of RAM, and is fast enough for just about everything I do, except gaming and video editing. Can run 40+ Chrome tabs without any issue unless I start streaming.

Anyway, my current front runners are the SP4 (i5/256GB), Ativ 9 (Core M-5Y70/256GB), MacBook (M-5Y71/256GB), as well as the XPS 13 (i5/256GB). Only the first and last have Skylake as of now, and only the Mac and XPS has USB-C. So far, only the XPS 13 has both.

Is this a good time to buy a laptop? Or should I wait?