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University of Wisconsin-Madison wins $234 million from Apple in patent suit


I just saw the news that Apple was found guilty of using this predictor circuit to improve processor performance. The Verge article is a bit weak on details, as is the Reuters source, but appleinsider gets a bit into more detail.

Apple wasn't found guilty of willful infringement, but..."WARF filed a separate lawsuit last month asserting the same patent against Apple's latest A9 and A9X chips incorporated in the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and upcoming iPad Pro (appleinsider)". So, it seems there is a lot riding on this for Apple, and I#m not sure if the second case would constitute willful infringement if found guilty. Any legal experts or people familiar with the case?

Also, I'm not an IC expert, and am not sure how "branch predictors" work, but if Apple was (willfully of forced) to remove this technology from there processors, but would be curious if anyone has an idea much performance degradation would be attributed to this?

Other comments welcome.

Edit: Link to patent