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Mack built a ridiculous truck for a sultan that's so expensive, its price is a secret

Mack Trucks Australia

Many truck drivers like to chrome out their rigs.

This, too, is a chromed-out rig. It just happens to have taken a year to build, in part because it has has a solid gold hood ornament, gold-stitched seats, and a built-in barbecue.

Mack Truck's Australian division made the custom truck for Malaysia's Sultan of Johor; it's not saying how much it cost, but it's more than the previous record of AU$481,000 (roughly US$350,000), ABC reports. You might wonder why a sultan would need a big rig, but there's a perfectly good explanation: dude needs a way to tow his boat, and it would be unbecoming for a royal to drag a boat around with a commoner's Mack. Problem solved, because no one is going to mistake this beast for an off-the-shelf model; if you don't notice the golden hood ornament in your rear-view, the stylized flag of Johor — a Malaysian state — that's painted along the side should get your attention.

The truck is still in Australia, so if you want to catch its Malaysian debut, there's still time: it'll premiere at a charity event there toward the end of October.

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