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Microsoft Silverlight killed my MBAs battery in less than 3 hours


As everyone knows the MBAs battery life is pretty phenomenal under normal conditions but if you'd like to kill the battery as fast as possible I can recommend you to install Microsoft Silverlight. The battery was at around 95% when I had the idea to watch some Amazon Prime Video. I never did on my MBA before, so Amazon asked me to install Silverlight, using Safari. So I did. There wasn't anything else running in the background when I began to watch and the first thing that surprised me after hitting the play button was that almost instantly the fan got turned on. Which was never the case when I watched Netflix through Safari in the past. Even generally speaking, I really have to abuse this thing heavily to get to hear the fan in the first place. So that made my alarm bells go off, but I thought well, just give this a go and was curious to find out how hard Silverlight would drain the machine.

Well as it turned out, after maybe 2 to 2.5 hours, incl. a few periods where the video was paused, the battery was down to an insane 5%.

I mean...this a 2015 MBA that's barely 2 months old with no bloatware installed. What the hell Microsoft? Anybody who thought Flash was a battery hog is in for a decent's not even a competition.


At least so I think! What's your experience with Silverlight? Or do you think something else is broken with the hardware or my setup?