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Microsoft really doesn’t want Windows 10 users to switch to Chrome

Microsoft really doesn’t want Windows 10 users to switch to Chrome

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Microsoft has a new trick to convince Windows 10 users to stick with its new Edge browser over Chrome or Firefox. In a newly leaked Windows 10 preview (build 10568), the software giant has added a new prompt targeting users switching default apps. If you have Microsoft Edge set as the default browser and install Chrome and switch defaults, then a dialog box with "give Microsoft Edge a shot" appears.

The prompt highlights that Microsoft Edge lets you write on webpages, has Cortana integration, and includes a reading view. Microsoft's new prompt has a big and bold option to "don't switch and try now," which opens Edge and doesn't set a rival browser like Chrome or Firefox as the default. It's a change that will likely irritate rival browser makers. Mozilla was quick to blast Microsoft for making it harder to switch to Firefox in Windows 10, and the company even created a tutorial video to help Firefox users restore their default app settings. That video will need tweaking with additional steps, as Microsoft attempts to sway users to stick with Edge on Windows 10.

Microsoft wants you to give all built-in apps a shot

Microsoft appears to be doing the same for photo and music apps, too. If you attempt to switch defaults, then a similar dialog box appears to try and convince you to stick with the built-in photos or Groove Music apps. This latest change is available in a leaked build of a Windows 10 update that's expected to ship in the next few weeks, so it's possible that Microsoft could and will tweak exactly when and how this prompt appears.

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