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Google is invading Apple and Samsung's turf with primetime Nexus ads

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Google's Nexus line has long been a type of fan service — the phones themselves might even be just ads for Android — but the company seems to be aiming higher with its latest devices. Ads for the 5X have recently been spotted during major commercial blocks; people watching NFL action today probably got a look at the ad for the new Nexus 5X, which is manufactured by LG.

Unlike commercials for the Nexus 5, which looked more like soaring emotional pitches for Android, Google wants you to appreciate the plastic in its new spots. The Nexus 5X ad that's been running on television (which you can watch above) is a more straightforward appeal to curves, sheen, and specs. The primetime placement and product focus begs the question: is the Nexus line still just a reference point for partners, or a tool to compete with them?