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You can pilot Xiaomi’s knee-high Segway with your smartphone

You can pilot Xiaomi’s knee-high Segway with your smartphone


Chinese smartphone maker announces the Ninebot mini, its first scooter since acquiring Segway

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Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has launched a new self-balancing scooter in China, the first to launch since its portfolio company Ninebot acquired Segway earlier this year. The new handle-free Ninebot mini has a range of 13 miles on a single charge, and a top speed of nearly 10mph. The 28-pound scooter can also climb hills at an incline of 15 degrees, carrying a maximum weight of 187 pounds, and features a knee-high "steering stick" that detects the movements of a user's legs.

Notably, the scooter is priced at ¥1,999 ($316), far lower than a Segway, which starts at $6,499. A companion smartphone app allows users to remotely control and lock the Ninebot mini, and delivers smartphone alerts if the scooter moves while in lock mode.

xiamo MI TV 3

The Ninebot mini marks Xiami's latest effort to expand beyond the smartphone market. Earlier this year, the company launched a new suitcase, after having introduced water purifiers, LED lamps, and a pair of "smart shoes." Today, it also announced a new Android-powered smart TV called the Mi TV 3, which features a 60-inch 4K display from LG. The display comes with a separate Mi TV Bar, which includes the motherboard, sound system, and all Mi Box content. The bar can be purchased separately for ¥999 ($158) and pairs with any display that has an HDMI port. The company says that separating the bar from the TV will make it easier for users to upgrade their systems going forward.

The Mi TV 3 is priced at ¥4,999 ($790) and will be available in China on November 3rd, together with the Ninebot mini.