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Uber is a showroom for new BMW models now

Uber is a showroom for new BMW models now

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Uber loves promotions. (Every single word in this sentence links to one.) Now, here's the latest: BMW is tying up with the giant car-calling service to promote its latest model, the 2016 7 Series, by offering free rides in them.

There are some catches, of course. The promotion is only available today between 12PM and 8PM, and only in four cities: New York, Miami, LA, and Chicago. But free rides are always awesome, and doubly so in the back seat of the new 7 — I've been in there, and it's a pretty incredible setup with a detachable tablet for controlling vehicle functions, heated and cooled reclining seats, and flat panels mounted to the backs of the front seats. It's fit for an executive, really, which is exactly who BMW is targeting the uplevel rear seat package to when the car launches on the 24th of this month.

And for BMW, this seems like an easy and obvious way to get the new model in front of a lot of potential customers in a single eight-hour span — lots of these people would probably never set aside the time to test drive (or ride) the car in a dealership, and now, the car is coming to them. (I'm guessing that the overlap between Uber Black users and 7 Series owners is not insignificant.)

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