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Fan fixes Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster's major flaw

Fan fixes Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster's major flaw

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Disney released the official final poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens over the weekend, and I've spent every minute since trying to parse why the art feels so insulting to my fandom. I thought I had it, for a moment. The poster isn't designed by Drew Struzan, the artist responsible for the iconic prequel posters. That's a shame, but no, that's not the problem.

It took a design expert to catch the small narratological discrepancy. As Olly Gibbs noted on Twitter, the poster is void of the Star Wars universe's most essential character: Jar Jar Binks. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Binks is like the Paul McCartney of the Rebel Alliance. (Yoda is Lennon, Chewbacca is Harrison, and Luke is Ringo.) A Star Wars poster without a half-dozen Jar Jars is like a Beatles record collection without the complete works of Wings.

Anyway, Gibbs took it upon himself to revise the poster, and I am satisfied with the results. Thanks, Gibbs. It's a shame Disney has billions of dollars and thousands of employees and they couldn't get this right.

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