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Verizon is starting to roll out update for Samsung Pay

Verizon is starting to roll out update for Samsung Pay


After an inexplicable delay

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Verizon was the only carrier holding back Samsung Pay when it launched in the US last month, but now it finally appears to be rolling out the new payments system to supported phones. Android Central and Droid Life are reporting that Verizon customers with recent Galaxy phones are starting to receive updates adding support for Samsung's payments app. It sounds as though the app isn't actually available in the Play Store for Verizon customers just yet — so the rollout clearly isn't finished — but people who have gone around the Play Store and installed the app anyway say that it's working just fine.

An official announcement hasn't been made about the rollout, and Verizon and Samsung did not immediately respond to requests for comment. An update has been expected, however. Earlier this month, Verizon said that it would add support for Samsung Pay on the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, and Note 5 through "a future software update." Though it didn't provide a date on when that would arrive, an email posted to Reddit on Friday, allegedly from Samsung, seems to confirm that the update is starting to be distributed over the air. Now Verizon customers just have to wait for the app to go live so they can actually use it.