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Asus reportedly interested in making its own version of HoloLens

Asus reportedly interested in making its own version of HoloLens

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PC company Asus is potentially interested in making its own HoloLens-style augmented reality headset. In an interview with CNet, Asus chair Jonney Shih and Microsoft executive vice president Terry Myerson reportedly said that Asus has been talking to Microsoft about making its own version of HoloLens. Although we've seen plenty of potential software opportunities for HoloLens, this is the first major sign of interest from a major PC hardware manufacturer.

If it's happening at all, the project still seems extremely tentative. CNet reports that Shih is "still evaluating" how the company might approach creating augmented reality glasses, and Microsoft's own design remains a prototype; it's currently taking applications for a $3,000 developer edition that is set to ship early next year. Augmented reality has shown promise in the professional world, but we've yet to see a widely available consumer product, and Microsoft has kept HoloLens' hardware tightly under wraps so far. And if Asus created its own version, it's not clear whether it would be aimed at general-purpose computing or folded into the company's Republic of Gamers line, known for unusual products like a water-cooled laptop.

Asus declined to comment on the report, except to confirm that CNet was given an interview with Shih and Myerson.