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Hacker reportedly broke into CIA Director John Brennan's personal email

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

A hacker talking to The New York Post claims to have compromised the personal email account of CIA Director John Brennan.

According to the Post, the "teen" hacker operates with a classmate under the name "Crackas With Attitude." The two have apparently been tweeting under the accounts @phphax and @_CWA_, the latter of which has been suspended. But before it was shut down, the @_CWA_ account tweeted what it claimed was sensitive CIA information: one tweet showed what appeared to be a list of names, along with possibly matching social security numbers. The @phphax account has also been tweeting documents it claimed to obtain from the hack.

The Post reports that the hacker who gained access to the account did so through simple social engineering techniques, convincing AOL to reset the password on Brennan's account.

The situation could prove to be a hoax, but it appears authorities are taking it seriously. According to the Post, the CIA says it has "referred the matter to the appropriate authorities."