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Apple Maps transit directions now include popular Amtrak routes

Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Apple has added popular Amtrak routes including the Acela Express, Northeast Regional, Pennsylvanian, Maple Leaf, and others to the mass transit section of Apple Maps. They're all Northeast US routes that are popular among commuters who travel between New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, and other cities. MacRumors first reported the newly added Amtrak data, which comes in addition to the subway, bus, train, and ferry routes that first debuted in Apple Maps with iOS 9. Apple's not yet serving up Amtrak directions for other regions of the US; we'll likely see availability expand as the transit feature spreads to other cities. Aside from the Amtrak routes, Boston is now officially part of the list of cities that offer transit info in Apple Maps, after Apple revealed that support was coming earlier this month.