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Colbert brings PewDiePie across the digital divide

Colbert brings PewDiePie across the digital divide


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Felix Kjellberg

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"I wanna thank the internet for allowing their emperor to be here for the evening," opens Stephen Colbert as he introduces PewDiePie, the world's most popular YouTuber. In a meeting of two of the internet's favorite personalities, Colbert and PewDiePie (aka Felix Kjellberg) discuss the latter's unconventional career as a self-broadcasting gamer and his propensity for swearing. Though already accustomed to having millions of viewers online, it's still a pretty big deal for PewDiePie to be appearing on CBS, making a transition to mainstream TV entertainment that lends further legitimacy to other YouTube celebrities hoping to do the same.

The neat thing about seeing a YouTube star on TV is that you can then go to YouTube and find out exactly how he prepared for it, which PewDiePie has helpfully illustrated with a vlog. Kjellberg is spending a month in Los Angeles shooting a show, which may or may not be intended for TV broadcasting. In any case, he's now made his big US TV debut, guesting alongside US Secretary of State John Kerry and actress Claire Danes.