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Skype for iOS now lets you reply to messages from notifications

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Microsoft is making use of one of iOS 9's best new features today, allowing Skype users to reply to messages without even opening the app. Skype 6.3 for iPhone and iPad will now let you reply to Skype messages from notification banners, instead of tapping the message and having to open the app to reply. While Skype is used more for audio and video, if you do use it for messaging then it's particular useful.

Just like Microsoft's Office apps for iOS, this latest Skype app also includes support for iOS 9's multitasking feature on the iPad. You can use Slide Over and Split View features to keep Skype running side-by-side with another iOS app on the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. Microsoft is also integrating Skype into iOS 9's Spotlight search, so if you search for a contact then Skype friends will be shown in the native results page. Skype's latest 6.3 update is available now from the App Store.