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This is what Hurricane Joaquin looks like from space

This is what Hurricane Joaquin looks like from space

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NASA/Scott Kelly

America's East Coast has been anxiously wondering if Hurricane Joaquin is going to unleash its 125mph winds on them next week. It's a familiar anxiety for those living next to the Atlantic, but the other options aren't that much better. You can move to the Midwest, but then you have tornadoes to worry about. Canada could work if you don't mind living in the Lands of Always Winter. There's also Los Angeles, but then you'd be in constant fear of the earthquake to end all earthquakes. You'd also be in Los Angeles.

There's really only one place to be if you want to truly escape nature's fury: space. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who is currently spending a year on the International Space Station, reminded us of this when he posted a great photo of Hurricane Joaquin taken from lower Earth orbit. The image shows Joaquin in the Atlantic just before reaching the Bahamas.

Fortunately, Hurricane Joaquin is projected to head away from the East Coast and die out to sea over the weekend. But still, I bet Kelly is happy that he doesn't have to deal with weather forecasts for a year. Then again he does have to poop in a suction tube, so I guess we all have problems.

Early morning shot of Hurricane Joaquin from the International Space Station before reaching Bahamas. Hope all is safe. #YearInSpace

Posted by NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly on Friday, October 2, 2015