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Marvel is making a sitcom on ABC

Marvel is making a sitcom on ABC

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Marvel's assault on TV continues — but this time with a sitcom. Variety reports that the comics company is working on a series titled Damage Control, following the misadventures of the Marvel Universe's clean-up crew. Former The Daily Show producer Ben Karlin developed the project, and will executive produce with Marvel's TV head Jeph Loeb.

House destroyed by the Hulk? Call Damage Control

Damage Control first debuted in comic form back in 1988. As a construction company devoted to cleaning up property damaged caused by superheroes and villains, they're overworked and generally under-appreciated. The show will almost certainly take place in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it's easy to imagine the company having to deal with the fallout from Captain America: Civil War and fellow ABC series Agents of SHIELD.

Of course, Marvel already has plenty of competition from DC on television. Last month, DC inked a deal with NBC to develop a superhero workplace comedy called Powerless, following an ordinary guy surrounded by superhumans. But if you're starting to lose track of how many series both these behemoths are creating, no one would blame you.