Does it matter that HTC ripped off the iPhone?

You be the judge


Look, we can't not talk about it. The new HTC One looks more like the missing middle child of Apple's iPhone lineup than any continuation of HTC's storied design heritage. The radius of the One A9's corners is the same as the iPhone's. HTC tells me that's "purely coincidental" and they're probably not exactly the same anyway. The two-tone flash on the One A9 is circular, just like the iPhone's. HTC tells me there wasn't enough room for a pill-shaped flash as with the One M9.

But look at the image below, showing the iPhone 6, One A9, and One M9 side by side, and tell me which device the new Android smartphone resembles most. If HTC's version of events is to be believed, the refinement and lightening — the A9 was also rumored under the codename of Aero — of the M9 design has somehow, magically landed on the exact same proportions and aesthetic as Apple's iPhone. Either way, Apple should be flattered. What I'm curious to know, though, is how you feel about it: will it even matter that this phone is such a blatant iPhone ripoff if it also happens to be really good? My early impressions have been very positive, and I'm torn between frowning disapprovingly at HTC's shamelessness and suppressing a smile at the quality of the eventual product.

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HTC One A9 hands-on photos
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