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Google Maps will soon make it much easier to stop for gas

Google Maps will soon make it much easier to stop for gas

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Google Maps is making it easier to take a pit stop while you're in the middle of a route. With an update coming to its Android app, Google Maps will begin to allow users to add in detours to gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, and other stops without removing their final destination. When navigating, a new search icon will appear in the top-right corner of the app, and tapping on it will present a list of possible destinations, like coffee shops, and an option to search for something else. Selecting one will add it into the route that Google Maps is already navigating; currently, you'd have to cancel navigation and then select your new destination to reroute.

This is by no means a new feature for navigation systems, but it's still a useful update to one of the most used mapping services. Google is also making its update a bit more interesting by including gas prices when you search for gas stations, allowing you to pick out the cheapest one along your route. There's no word on when this feature will come to Google Maps on iOS, but it's supposed to roll out to Maps' Android app over the "next few weeks."