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Apple TV gets CBS, NBC, and its new fashion channel

Apple TV gets CBS, NBC, and its new fashion channel

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The new Apple TV isn't arriving until next week, but current owners now have a few more channels to choose from. CBS and NBC channels are now available on the device, along with Made to Measure — stylized as "M2M" — the fashion-oriented channel we first head about last month.

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As with many Apple TV channels, the new NBC and CBS apps are really digital stop-gaps rather than true replacements for conventional programming; much of the content in the NBC app requires that users have a cable subscription they can log in with, while the CBS app is largely designed around CBS All Access, its $5.99 subscription service. While useful additions, they're both short of what many consider to be the Apple TV holy grail: an all-in-one, streaming subscription service that would let customers pay Apple a monthly fee and simply cancel their cable or satellite subscriptions altogether. Of course, as with all things Apple TV, the road to that offering has been riddled with rumors and delays, with the company reportedly pushing the launch of the service until 2016 due to problems closing deals with content providers.

Still, every option helps, and the new channels will give Apple that much more ammunition when it's convincing users to pick the increasingly expensive Apple TV family over competing products. Given that the Amazon is pulling the Apple TV from its virtual shelves, the product will need every bit of help it can get.