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The PlayStation 4 now has a real Twitch app

PlayStation 4 owners have been able to stream their video game sessions live on Twitch for years, but unlike its rival the Xbox One, Sony's latest console only allowed users to watch Twitch broadcasts of PS4 games. That changes today with the launch of the new Twitch app, a full-featured piece of software that lets PS4 players watch broadcasts or interact with streamers of games on other platforms, bringing Sony's machine up to speed with competing iOS, Android, and Microsoft devices.

The rapidly growing company first detailed its new PS4 app last month at its first ever TwitchCon conference, explaining that in addition to the PS4, the app would be available on PS3 and Vita. While the PS4 version is available first — launching in North, South, and Central America today before rolling out to players in other regions shortly — Twitch promises the app will be available for the older consoles before the end of fall. The various versions of the app will be largely similar, but Twitch notes that the PS4 app will be the only one with full chat functionality.