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Sony drops the price of the PS4 in Europe

Sony drops the price of the PS4 in Europe


The 500GB model will be available for €349.99/£299.99

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Following on from price cuts in Japan and the US, Sony has announced that the PlayStation 4 will now sell for €349.99 in mainland Europe and £299.99 in the UK. This is a saving of €50/£50 in these two markets, and brings the price of a PS4 with 500GB of internal storage down to the same level as a 500GB Xbox One. This new price cut also applies to some non-European countries including Australia and New Zealand, where the console will now cost $479.95 and $569.95 respectively. This is just normal pre-holiday price positioning from Sony (which is still also pushing a variety of bundles for the PS4) but it'll still be welcome news for any latecomers to the latest generation of home consoles.