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Indiegogo's charity section will now be a new site called 'Generosity'

Indiegogo's charity section will now be a new site called 'Generosity'

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About 10 months after launching Indiegogo Life, the crowdfunding platform's attempt at making a section devoted solely to personal, charitable causes, the section is rebranding with a new name: "Generosity by Indiegogo." The section will appear at the new domain

Like its predecessor, Generosity will allow people to fund "social causes" without fees or deadlines. Indiegogo says it takes "just a few minutes" to set up a campaign, and unlike Indiegogo Life, Generosity will allow for projects from both individuals and nonprofit organizations. The site launches later today, when campaigns on Indiegogo Life will be moved to the new site.

The project has already lined up some partners for the launch, including a new project from the creators of Khan Academy Lite, which wants to raise money to "bring learning networks and educational content to people with no internet connection."

Correction, October 21st, 12:52 ET: An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to "Khan Academy Lite" as "Khan Academy Life." It also now clarifies that the creators of KA Lite are launching a new project.