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Barnes & Noble announces a waterproof Nook

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The Nook brand is hanging on. More than a year after discontinuing the Nook and Nook HD+, Barnes & Noble is finally updating its flagship GlowLight e-reader with the GlowLight Plus, the company's first waterproof e-reader.

The original GlowLight came out two years ago, and was well received at the time. However, the brand has since languished, and that product hasn't seen an update until today. The GlowLight Plus is a welcome — if somewhat bewildering — upgrade from the first version, featuring a 300ppi display and, according to Barnes & Noble, twice as many pixels as its older sibling. The Plus also features an aluminum body that slimmer though slightly heavier than the GlowLight. Most importantly, the Plus is waterproof, so Nook fans will be able to read their favorite ebooks in the tub.

Plans to split the Nook business off were dashed by poor sales

Barnes & Noble announced plans to spin its Nook business into a separate company last year after reporting dismal sales, largely thanks to Amazon taking control of the e-reader business with its Kindle tablets. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, those plans were complicated by poor sales during last year's holiday season. The Nook is currently still wholly owned by the company. Samsung continues to make co-branded Nook tablets, the most recent being the Galaxy Tab S2, however, but it's still unclear if the Nook has a sustainable future. The Nook GlowLight Plus is available now for $129.99.

Correction 10:40am ET: A previous version of this article stated that Barnes & Noble had spun its Nook business off. That was incorrect. Nook is still held by Barnes & Noble.