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Google 'leaks' plans for a time-traveling car on Back to the Future Day

Google 'leaks' plans for a time-traveling car on Back to the Future Day


'88 public test flights by mid-2016'

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Even Google can't resist the temptation of celebrating Back to the Future Day. A seemingly innocuous tweet from the main Google account about 15 new Gmail themes links to a "confidential" PDF about something called Project Flux (as in, Flux capacitor [as in, the thing that lets a DeLorean DMC-12 travel from October 26th, 1985 to October 21st, 2015 when going 88mph (as in, oh yeah, that's what happens in Back to the Future Part 2)]).

In Google goof tradition, the presentation slides play it real using absurdist faux science and numerous references to the film trilogy. The mockup prototype car is some bastard hybrid between the film's DeLorean and Google's self-driving cars which, if the timeline was to be believed (it isn't), would go into production today in Dunmurry, N. Ireland with the goal of 88 public test flights by mid-2016 (as in, 88mph [as in, the speed at which a DeLorean DMC-21 must go to travel through time (as in, I'm now intentionally embedding parentheses to give our copy editor a heart attack)]). (Editor's Note: *dies*)

But seriously, what about those Gmail themes?

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