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Domino’s now has a fleet of delivery cars designed to keep your pizza safe

Just when you thought innovation in pizza delivery had ceased. It took nearly 20 years, but Domino's, the company behind those HeatWave delivery bags from the '90s, has outdone itself with a fleet of modified pizza delivery cars, designed so your pizza and sauce get to your house safe and... I dunno. How often is wing sauce ever in mortal peril?

This is the future...

What Domino's calls the DXP is actually a Chevy Spark, but with all passenger seating replaced with technology to make your pizza, breadsticks, chocolate lava crunch cakes, and soda comfortable. (Are you depressed yet?) The interior also includes its own built-in warming oven. Meanwhile, the exterior features a taxi-like delivery roof light and delivery path indicators so the driver can avoid puddles when he or she steps out of the car in the pouring rain because you just had to order food despite the storm warning on the news only 40 minutes earlier.

If all this sounds just a little ridiculous, well, too late! Domino's already has 97 of these cars on the road, with more almost surely on the way. Welcome to the future.