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What’s with the kickstand on the Samsung Galaxy View?

What’s with the kickstand on the Samsung Galaxy View?

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We already know quite a lot about the Galaxy View — the device has passed through the FCC, and Samsung itself teased it on stage at IFA for an October reveal. SamMobile has some new images of the oversized 18.4-inch tablet, however, that pose a couple of new questions. Mainly: what on earth is going on with that kickstand?

These images appear to come from a promo video for the Galaxy View, and Samsung seems to be positioning the device as more of a TV than a tablet. Including a kickstand makes sense, then, since propping the screen up is going to be just as common as using it in your hands, if not more so — the images depict situations like using the View as a cooking guide, or as a screen to watch sports on outside.

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But it's the design that has us wondering — visually, the View's kickstand seems to peel off from the back of the device, but it doesn't look like the design is adjustable. It's not clear whether the kickstand can be removed, either; you'd think so, but it's attached in one shot where two people are playing a game in a car, which seems like a time that you wouldn't want it to be there.

Also, the back of the device has a handle, which if nothing else is a great throwback to the Nintendo GameCube.

Samsung has already said that the Galaxy View should drop in October, so we should get the full story soon enough. For lots more pictures, make sure to see the full collection of images at SamMobile.

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