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Next big Windows 10 update will arrive in early November

Next big Windows 10 update will arrive in early November

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Microsoft is currently putting the finishing touches on its next big Windows 10 update. Codenamed Threshold 2, Paul Thurrott reports that the update will arrive in November. The Verge can confirm Microsoft is planning to distribute the update to existing Windows 10 machines in early November, and likely during the first week of next month.

The update will contain a number of fixes and UI changes that were originally planned for the final version of Windows 10. These include colored title bars for desktop apps, improved context menus, and an extra column of Live Tiles for the Start menu. Microsoft will also ship Messaging and Skype Video apps for the Windows 10 update that bring native Skype calling and messaging to the operating system.

No extensions for Microsoft Edge until next year

While Microsoft had promised extensions for its Microsoft Edge browser, the software giant is now planning to include these in an update planned for next year. Microsoft Edge will get some tweaks with the November update, or "Windows 10 Fall Update" as Microsoft will label it, but they're not significant changes. Cortana will also be updated with the ability to send texts to friends from a PC with a Windows 10 Mobile device.