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Watch Michael J. Fox demonstrate Nike's self-lacing sneakers on Kimmel

The shoes will be auctioned to fund research into Parkinson's Disease

Has a pair of shoes ever received this much applause? I'm not sure, but if any deserve it, it's Nike's self-lacing Air Mags. Not because of the technology — although they are, of course, modeled after the pair seen in Back to The Future II — but because all proceeds from the shoes will go toward the Michael J. Fox Foundation, helping to conduct research into Parkinson's Disease. Fox himself has one of only pairs for now, but more will be auctioned off in 2016.

Nike unveiled the Air Mags yesterday for Back to The Future Day, with Fox appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live to demonstrate them, showing how buttons on the side of the ankle support are used to tighten and loosen the "power laces." In a message posted by the Fox Foundation yesterday on Facebook, the non-profit said it hoped sales of the shoes would "raise even more than the $9.4 million collected in 2011, and contribute in some way to eliminating Parkinson’s Disease in our lifetime!"

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