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Amazon expands its one-hour delivery service to San Francisco Bay Area

The march of Amazon's one-hour delivery service Prime Now continues ever onwards, with the retailer now offering it in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Antonio. Amazon first launched Prime Now in New York last December, and has since introduced it in cities across the US including Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, and Miami. The company has also been expanding the range of products available, adding alcohol and even prepared meals in certain locations.

However, it's Double Stuf Oreos and bottled water that are among the most popular Prime Now items in California, says Amazon (even if the latter doesn't seem like a particularly environmentally-friendly choice during the Golden State's catastrophic ongoing drought). The Prime Now service currently operates in 17 metropolitan areas worldwide including London, says the company, with Amazon Prime subscribers getting free two-hour delivery or the option of paying $7.99 for delivery in an hour or less.