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Watch the trailer for Aziz Ansari's Netflix comedy series Master of None

It premieres on the streaming service November 6th

Aziz Ansari's Woody Allen-esque Netflix comedy series Master of None is premiering in just a few weeks, and the show's first trailer arrived this morning. Ansari created the show with Parks & Recreation executive producer Alan Yang, and it's his first major TV role since playing wannabe entrepreneur Tom Haverford on that show for seven seasons. The trailer skews a little racier than the family-friendly action on Parks & Rec: it opens with a standard-issue awkward sex scene, and it's full of the kind of young, urban hijinx Pawnee simply didn't have the density to sustain.

Master of None isn't the first product of Ansari's relationship with Netflix. He's made two exclusive stand-up specials for the streaming service, 2013's Buried Alive and this year's Live at Madison Square Garden. But Master of None represents a new level of creative control and ambition for Ansari, and it looks like a solid addition to a comedy lineup that was already strong thanks to shows like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Grace and Frankie.

You can watch Master of None on Netflix on November 6th.