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Jurassic World's deleted poop-coated flirtation scene is even worse than you're imagining

Jurassic World originally featured a scene in which the shrewd humorless business woman learns to lighten up when her rugged manly hero encourages her to cover her thigh and chest in dinosaur poo. This scene was deleted from the final print, which isn't surprising. What is surprising — shocking, truly — is that scene was committed to film, and that said film wasn't immediately burned. That this scene has been allowed into civilization, like a hungry raptor ready to feast and crap on humankind, is flabbergasting.

Here are the moments in which the writer, the director, or anyone with a fleck of ownership of this debacle should have pulled the cord: when Chris Pratt isn't given a single joke; when Chris Pratt comments on Bryce Dallas Howard's vanilla-scented lotion; when Bryce Dallas Howard hikes up her skirt to rub poop on her leg; when Chris Pratt asks Bryce Dallas Howard to rub poop on her chest; when Chris Pratt somehow kills the romance by asking Bryce Dallas Howard, who has just rubbed poop on her thigh and chest, if she also got that poop in her mouth.

Jurassic World has the highest-grossing opening weekend of all time. This is somehow our fault.

Updated October 22nd, 12:10PM ET: It appears the video has been removed from CBR's YouTube page. In its place, I present you three choice screenshots.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World

Jurassic World