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Redesigned Google Play store begins rolling out to Android devices

Google Play's fresh new look is now making its way to Android smartphones and tablets. The revamped design, first revealed earlier this month, divides Google's digital storefront into two main sections: Apps & Games and Entertainment. Beneath those two main categories are buttons that take you to more specific subsections of Google Play — like the top charts for apps or family-oriented content. Within the latter "Entertainment" category, you'll find individual pages for music, movies, TV shows, books, and newsstand subscriptions. Google's also added some new animations and scrolling effects to fancy things up a bit.

Unfortunately, this isn't an update you can install manually; Google needs to flip the switch server-side before you'll see the redesigned Play store. It's already done so for some users, but if you're not seeing anything new, you'll have to wait a bit longer. Google has updated and switched up the Google Play store with surprising frequency compared to Apple's App Store, which has favored more iterative updates over drastic refreshes.