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Justin Bieber still can't stop saying sorry, releases new song 'Sorry'

Justin Bieber still can't stop saying sorry, releases new song 'Sorry'


It's the newest single from Purpose, which is due out November 13th

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Justin Bieber's comeback LP Purpose is just a few weeks away, and he's hammering home the redemptive nature of his return to prominence with a new single called "Sorry." It's coming complete with a "dance video" on YouTube, which apparently just means the video's full of skilled dancing and nothing else. (There are no hoverboard-like devices, unfortunately.) The song was co-written and produced by Skrillex and Blood, among others, and it has the same laid-back, tropical feel that propelled "What Do You Mean?" to #1 on the Billboard charts a few weeks ago. It also has the same kind of alien, wordless hook that made earlier Skrillex collaboration "Where Are Ü Now" a hit earlier this year, the sort of melodic snippet he called a "dolphin" in conversation with The New York Times.

If "Sorry" connects with listeners the same way the singles above did — and I'm almost positive it will — it'll become Bieber's third top 10 hit in 2015. Purpose will likely spin off a few more hits before it runs its course, too: its tracklist is crammed with hitmakers and trendy producers, including a few more songs from Skrillex and Blood. The song's about begging for forgiveness from a lover, but it's doesn't take much of a leap to apply its lyrics to Bieber's career. "And let me oh let me / redeem oh redeem oh myself tonight / 'cause I just need one more shot at second chances." Is he singing to an ex or to listeners around the world? Whatever the answer, it's obvious Bieber isn't done apologizing for his bratty history, and it seems like it's still paying musical dividends.