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NASA releases space-eye view of Hurricane Patricia from the ISS

NASA has released video footage of Hurricane Patricia taken from the International Space Station, showing just how far the behemoth storm spreads throughout the Pacific. The video was taken today at 12:15PM ET, after the storm had been upgraded to a powerful Category 5 hurricane. Patricia is so massive that the storm seems to take up the entire frame of each shot, completely obscuring the Earth underneath and turning its surface into one big white swirl. It's hard to see exactly where the storm ends.

Right now, the southwestern coast of Mexico is bracing itself for Hurricane Patricia, which is considered to be the most powerful hurricane ever recorded. The storm's wind speeds have reached up to 200 miles per hour, and it has a record low pressure of 880 millibars. The National Hurricane Center says that it will make "potentially catastrophic" landfall with Mexico this afternoon.